Kota-Poro tracks the cold storage of reindeer meat with Integral INiOT service

Located in Unarin-Luusua next to Sodankylä Finland, Cooperative Kota-Poro maintains a traditional reindeer husbandry and meat production. Cooperative was established in 1996 and it produces high quality reindeer meat, promoting animal welfare.

Kota-Poro is executing a continuous self-monitoring as freezer temperatures for meat storage are being checked and documented regularly. Also, the transport of goods must be secured for cold chain. Monitoring ensures food safety as well as constant high quality. With refrigeration equipment there is for example a risk of power outage that could lead the temperature to rise to a critical level thus spoiling the goods.

Kota-Poro knew the risks concerning freezer equipment and how to manage them. In addition, the goal was to save employees time and to receive regular reporting in electronic form by further automating the self-monitoring process. The INiOT service can be equipped with temperature related alarm limits. So, whenever temperature rises above the allowed limit it sends an automated alarm message to predefined recipients.

INiOT sensors were installed in to the freezer units from where they send temperature and humidity data every 30 minutes to both mobile and computer interface. The user interface can also be used to retrieve data retrospectively as well as to print different reports when needed.

Integral INiOT solution utilize Sigfox IoT network which was strengthened with a local mini base station. This approach has proven to be excellent especially in sparsely populated areas where nationwide network expansion is still ongoing.

“We ended up choosing the Integral INiOT service because of the new technology and the cost benefits it generates.”

Janne Mustonen

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